The future is now…

It’s always been said that clinical trials are the treatments of the future.

The future appears to be now for the son of a friend who is battling a bad cancer.  He qualified for a trial with a drug that is specific to a particular gene match.   He matched and this drug is working overtime killing his cancer.  His tumors are shrinking and he’s getting stronger every day.

In our house, when we got good news after a scan, we’d picture all those cancer cells dying a terrible death.  Some how it made Leroy feel stronger just knowing his immune system had ‘kicked butt’ and stood its ground.  It was such a mental boost.  Anything that does that is better than any treatment.

In my friends’ case, she isn’t naïve about her son’s condition.  She knows he’s very sick and she knows this particular drug won’t be effective forever, but that’s not stopping her from enjoying the “NOW.”

Cancer creates too many yesterdays and not enough tomorrows.  You’ve got to celebrate NOW.


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