Care giver again…

Hearing the words “You have cancer AGAIN” is a daunting experience.  There are so many things that run through your mind.  It means treatment AGAIN, scans AGAIN, doctors and hospitals AGAIN.  It means back to the websites that give some good advice and sometimes not so good advice.  It means doing research on your new cancer and that can mean reading some very scary information that you don’t necessarily want to know.

And, what about the care giver?

It means preparing for another round of “life-giving.”  You’re a pro at it now.  Hopefully you’ve learned to pace yourself, although this time around it may mean a different tempo and it may mean a different outcome.

Think back to your first attempt at this task.  You didn’t think you could get through it, but you did.  You learned how to best take care of your loved one.  You learned to be an advocate.  You learned a new vocabulary.  You learned a new way to show your love.

You’re a care giver AGAIN….there’s no one better at this, than you.

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