A Reunion..of sorts

They will gather in Pasadena California this weekend and have a very good time. They will be laughing at all the stories from years gone by and they will raise many glasses and toast to the high school years with gusto.

They will tell stories about a certain high school president who led his class on many adventures…some the faculty did not appreciate or approve of and others that showed he could and would lead many as he covered the news of the world in his later years.

He was a young man, who even in his high school years, pushed for equal rights among classmates.  He was a smart guy and fought hard against the school administration’s attempt at making decisions for the student body.  He got in trouble for it too, but he stood his ground.  Authority was meant to be challenged then and he was just getting started.

He had his prankster side too and sometimes that got him into trouble.   Those will be the stories his pals will be telling at his high school reunion this weekend.

He won’t be there.  But he will be remembered.  Leroy isn’t someone easily forgotten.

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