Where do you turn?

When you get the news, where do you turn? A cancer diagnosis requires specific knowledge of treatment.  Does the doctor who found your cancer have the expertise to treat it?

The question came up recently.

How do you know where to go? One doctor says this and another doctor says that, who’s right? Or, who has the best “right” answer?

Some patients jump on the Internet and never stop looking for a ‘better’ place to get treatment while others feel more comfortable down the street at a local treatment center.

Is there a right answer to this question?

I guess it comes down to comfort level on one side of the ledger but success in treatment should rank high on the other side.  I always factor in the research component too.  A really good cancer center will have the lab benches to back-up the treatment.  The trials that come from those benches will some day be the treatment of the future.  The trials of today could save your life or at least give you more quality time with your loved ones.

Diagnosis is earth shattering, but it’s not the time to throw in the towel.  It’s time to do your homework and find the best place for your cancer.  That means the best cancer center, the best doctors and the best treatment.

Find the best of the best to fight your fight.


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