Where is he when I need him?

I miss Leroy every day.

But today, I’m really ticked-off he’s not around to help me put together a couple of tables.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m perfectly capable of doing this, but he was so much more capable and had more patience too.

I’m laughing as I sit on the floor with the instructions.  The diagrams are classic stick figures with arrows and X’s pointing every which way, with the words printed in ten different languages.  Too bad I’m not multi-lingual, it might help!

He never looked at these kinds of things. He’d just assemble and walk away. Made me crazy.

And this from a man who promised me many years ago that he would never buy me a power tool for fear he’d come home one night and the doors would be off the hinges!

So, I’m leaving you now to go back to my assembly line.

I know he’s getting a good chuckle out of this.

I can hear that big, deep, familiar laugh echoing off the walls.


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