The perfect match…

She knows she has metastatic disease, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have hope.

She will begin a clinical trial in a few days with the hope that her body will respond to the chemo cocktail researchers have found shrinks these tumors.  Her genetic make-up says she should respond but we all know cancer, it’s been known to have its own plan.

She has amazing faith in her doctors.  She’s shared her thoughts with them and they know she is a fighter.  She is a cancer warrior.  This is not her first war with cancer.  She forced her attacker into retreat before and she plans to do it again.

She gives her doctors full credit for getting her through the other battles.  She learned from them and they from her;  they have given her the knowledge of what this trial can do so she’s ready in her head for the fight.  She’s also ready in her heart.  That is where she stores her hope.

It’s the perfect match.

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