Making the call

I made the call at 12:22 pm this day, five years ago.

It was the first of many life changing events that would unfold in the week ahead.

Leroy asked me to make the call to Hospice.

We had talked about it many times.  We had a woman from a Hospice center come to the house months before and talk to us about preparing for Hospice.  It was so hard for either one of us to think about reaching that day, but here it was.  I can see him looking at me, with tears in his eyes, saying the words and I can see myself looking back at him, with tears in my eyes, saying “Yes, I will make that call.”

He wrote about it that day on the “My Cancer blog:”

” We finally made a decision.  We went back and forth for a while, but in the end we signed up with hospice.  It wasn’t an easy decision, but we think it was the right one. This isn’t easy for either one of us.  For me, it means managing what remains of my life.  For Laurie, it means allowing others to manage what remains of my life.  Something she is very uncomfortable with…

We can always change our minds, but once the decision was made, that becomes harder.

Like it or not, we’re in this together now.”

Everyone reacts differently when it comes to Hospice.  Maybe we all need something so unique from it, our experiences are so different.  As I look back on it, ours was a difficult fit.  By the time he made the decision to ask for Hospice, his cancer load was heavy, and his life was winding down.

We were both feeling the cancer load that day.

Making that call will stay with me forever.  12:22 pm, August 9, 2008….”Hello, I’m calling about Leroy Sievers….”



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