Time and Space

Today is a day to remember an old pal.

A year ago, family and friends gathered around his gravesite to unveil his headstone.  Leukemia took his life and altered the lives of a wife and two young kids. Prayers were said and tears were shed but the best part of the gathering was when his Mom started to talk about her son.   Stories of his childhood rolled out of her memory.  She remembered details that would have made him blush, but for those of us listening, it was a gentle salve that dried our tears and brought smiles to our faces.  Only a Mom remembering her son could make it “all better.”

A whole year has passed since that day and you know how they say ‘time heals?’ I’m not sure ‘heals” is the right word. The loss must move around day by day until it finds a place where it begins to settle-in.  I’m convinced the heart has special pockets, lined with whatever cells create comfort and that’s where this big hurt finds a home.  These comfort pockets protect those of us who have experienced cancer loss.

Time and space…comfort pockets and hurt…..Today is a day to remember my old friend.

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