Steady and straight…

I’m like a sailor looking for my home port today after a rough, stormy day on the ocean.

The seas had been calm, for the most part and I look out on the horizon and its steady and straight.  Then at sunrise, I see some clouds in the distance and the sky takes on a pale pink tone.  Before I know it, as the sun breaks over the swells, the sky has turned a deeper, reddish hue.

“Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning”

The long, slow swells change and a pattern that looks like a million butterflies covers the surface.  It’s a sign the wind is changing too.  The ocean is choppy now and I’m feeling the squall approach.

All day long, I put the bow into the swells and try to find some flat water.  Not today.  It will be up and down, side to side and it will be all I can do to ride out the storm  It hits its peak at 11:15 at night. I am exhausted from a day of being battered by my memories of loss.

I fall asleep, finally, and dream of better days.

The morning light brings blue skies, calm seas and a clear view of the horizon…steady and straight, again.



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