They might be small…

They might be small, but they are mighty.

They hold a special place in the hearts of those who treat them.

Kids with cancer,  are very special.  They have a gentleness, a sweetness, an awareness of peace that gives them the strength to endure cancer care.  Even the infants who show the scars of ports and I-V’s and the harsh medicines that flow through the tubes and into their veins seen to have an unspoken understanding that what their nurses and doctors are doing to them, is a necessary means to what hopefully will be a successful end.   Many childhood cancers come with the word ‘cure’ at the end of treatment now.  And because late effects of cancer are monitored so closely too, when these kids grow up, long term effects of their earlier treatment is hopefully minimal.

At a time in their lives, when building with Lego’s,collecting best friends and dancing with the wind should be at the top of their ‘to do list,’ these strong little warriors, instead, are staring down a scary monster called cancer.

These little warriors aren’t measured in inches, they’re measured in heart.

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