A Place for a Prayer…

The entrance into the historic Johns Hopkins hospital is truly a place that echo’s peace.  The dark wood and marble are in stark contrast to sterile operating rooms, treatment facilities and patient centers behind these walls.

There is also one object of conversation in this entry that allows all who walk through those doors to summon a prayer for healing.  In fact, you can almost hear the prayers swirling around a magnificent ten foot marble statue of Jesus.  The “Divine Healer” statue stands with arms outstretched, a pose to welcome all, regardless of faith.  And that is exactly what happens in this small corner of one of the biggest, grandest healing centers in the country.

Today, there were pictures left at his feet.  Pictures of children smiling, probably school photos, that a mom or dad left behind after whispering a plea for help.  Sometimes the burden is just too heavy to carry alone.

There was also a note asking for help after going too long without a job.  And many, personal conversations that weren’t written or photographed, but private and just as important.


Prayers to sustain a life,  for a speedy recovery or a prayer for a hot meal tonight.  There are no fences around this prayer station.  All are welcome.


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