A Parking Space..

It was a crazy drive up 95 today.  One of the last get-away Fridays of the summer before school begins for so many kids and I can tell you from first-hand knowledge, a lot of families left work and home early to get to the beach.  Cars packed with blankets and pillows inside and the rafts and kayaks perched on the top.  It was a day for defensive driving at its best.

So with that in mind, fast forward to the parking structure at the cancer center;usually packed with hardly a space available.  Cancer creates traffic and parking problems at a place like Johns Hopkins.

Imagine my surprise when I pulled in, only to find many spaces open.  The cars in front of me pulled into spots without having to go through the usual anxiety of going level to the next level before a car pulled out.  Today, it was wide open.  I can only imagine the patients and their care givers were thinking the same thing. Good karma starts with a parking space when you’re a cancer patient.

I guess cancer took this late summer Friday off too.  The open parking spaces were evidence of that.


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