Exercise, Diet and Wigs…OH MY!

She’s busy, very busy

Her new ‘life’ is filled with cancer treatment, cancer appointments, reading up on cancer and anything she can do to stay in the moment…live in the moment.

She’s started a trial since her diagnosis was not good.  Metastatic disease has an end date attached to it, but in her mind, she’s decided to push that end date back as far as possible.  So she’s signed up for cancer exercise classes.  She’s signed up for cancer cooking classes.  She’s signed up for cancer group sessions, so she can talk about her fears with others going down the same road.

She says all of this keeps reminding her that she has some control before her cancer will take charge.  She wants to be in charge even though she may not have been a ‘control freak’ in healthy times, she’s changed hats now.

She puts on one of several wigs and away she goes down the road of life.

For as long as she can…as long as she can stay in control.

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