A Team Effort

I was in the company last night of a couple who have been dancing the cancer war dance since 2004.   That’s right, 2004.

He is the care giver and she is the warrior and I do mean warrior.  Many times over the years I have heard from other friends that she would probably not live much longer.  Her cancer, even though in a ‘controlled location’ had caused her many setbacks and it looked like she would not push through a certain crisis.   Where she has found the grit and stamina to survive comes from the guy who stands by her day and night.

He is a husband, father, man of God who preaches and prays and clearly has created an open dialogue with his God.

Watching the two of them, as a couple, wrangle their four year old, is a sight to behold.  The fatigue that has built up over the years of treatment is weighing on “Mom” this late evening and as any 4 year old would do, this little girl can sense her mother’s weariness.  But before she can ask for five more minutes of hanging out with the adults, Dad scoops her up and away they go upstairs, a bedtime story awaits, and dreams of more playtime at daybreak.

Mom is ‘saved’ by her man.  Again.

She wears a pain pump now, a sign that palliative care has been added to her treatment plate.  Also a sign that her cancer has spread.  NO one is fooling themselves, the cancer load is growing.

She’s faced big obstacles before and this time will be no different.  She has her best pal by her side to help in the fight.  He’s ready to do what is necessary.

These are team players.

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