Life, measured by a couch

We measure time in so many different ways.

I know a great Mom who measured time today by taking a picture of her kids as they began the school year.  Her daughter who has spent much of the summer in search of the college campus that will fit her needs.  She’s a senior now, growing faster than a sun flower in an open field, stretching toward the sky.  Her ‘little’ brother has joined her as an underclassman at the same high school.  I remember him curled up in the corner of the couch, sleeping soundly, after fighting so hard to stay awake, just to hang-out with the adults.  A little guy, then…He still loves the couch, but his long athletic body stretches from one end of it to the other, now!

That’s time.

And life has weighed-in in other ways for this family too.  Cancer took away a loving husband and a great Dad.  That time marker will be measured on the calendar this week too.  He’ll be gone two years as the week comes to a close.  More time measured.

Growing up.  Growing wiser.  Healing.  Remembering. Moving on.

Or, just stretching out to reach the other end of the couch.

That’s life, that’s time.


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