Growing out of grief

We all grieve differently. Some of us can’t go back to places that remind us of healthier times, better times, when we went to those places with our loved ones. It just hurts too much to remember.

Some of us would rather stay at home and go through our grieving privately.  We can look at old photos, listen to familiar music or just think about happier times.

Grieving is a personal, deeply personal moment in a life that has been hit so hard by a loss.

So how do we grow out of grieving?

Speaking from experience and recent conversations, I’ve learned that talking about it helps.  It’s a way for the hurt to come out of the heart.  It’s a form of expression that allows us all to take a deep breath.  We forget to breathe when we grieve.  We keep it all inside and it’s just not a healthy way to live.

We need to let our hearts beat again.  That’s what it was meant to do.  The life we loved so deeply is gone.  Our love for that life has been tucked away, in one of those pockets we’ve talked about many times.  It will be there forever.

Those of us left behind are still growing every day.  Part of that growth means growing out of our grief.

Step up…it’s time.


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