The ‘CARE’ package

If it were only equal to all.

I’m talking about how each patient diagnosed with cancer receives treatment for their disease.

It’s the same old song, the health care in this country needs fixing.   As far as cancer care goes, treatment is really in need of an overhaul, so says a committee from the Institute of Medicine.

Dr. Patricia Ganz is quoted as saying “As a nation, we need to chart a new course for cancer care.”

I don’t think there’s any argument that this country has the most highly trained oncologists, but there’s no real place for all that knowledge to be gathered and then distributed.  Everyone in need of cancer treatment should get the same care.

The woman who goes to her small community hospital should get the best treatment, just like the man who can walk into a major cancer center just because he happens to live in the region.   We live in a ‘techno-magical’ world, why can’t all of this experience, knowledge and information be available to all oncologists, no matter where they are?

The report goes on to say how important palliative care is, especially when a patient is told their cancer is terminal.  Hospice instead of intensive care units for patients who are dying.

These are important pieces of the cancer puzzle.  Maybe now that a recognizable committee of experts has spoken on the topic, something more will be done.

Cancer needs a ‘care’ package.



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