Cancer patient…care-giver….survivor

‘You become a cancer survivor the day of your diagnosis’

Strong words but good for the mind-set, since for many, the first thought after being told you have cancer, is “Am I going to die?”

For many of us who started out on the ‘survivor’ path but changed roads when the cancer load out-weighed the cancer fight, the word ‘survivor’ has taken on a different meaning.

Our loved ones were not survivors.

As cancer care givers, who have completed that hands-on role, I guess you could say, we are the survivors.  I’ve never really thought of it in those terms, until now.  So what do we do with our survivorship?

We’ve gone through so much and we’ve certainly learned a unique skill set.  We can’t just store this tool box in the attic.  Too many people are out there who need what we know.

They want to be survivors too.



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