Happy Hour

It’s not always a good day.

If you live in cancer world, as a patient or a care giver, even a doctor or a nurse, there are going to be days that just weigh heavily on your shoulders.

I know a few folks who fit into that folder these days and we decided the best way to deal with it is to make a ‘happy hour.’

Make one hour in your day that escapes the pull of cancer.  Pull weeds, meet friends for lunch, bake a chocolate cake, or take a walk.  Do anything that wipes away the stain of cancer.  One little hour will change your day.  It’s even safe to safe it could change the way you look at your world, because one hour could multiply into two.  Maybe find an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening?

It will be liberating and create a new you when cancer pulls you back into care giving, a treatment room or seeing a patient.  It will make a better you.

Happy hours have been around forever; usually they help to blow off a little steam after a day at work.  These ‘happy hours’ do more than improve wine and beer sales!  They’ll provide a little peace, some grounding and a time to exhale from the pressures of living with cancer.


Happy hour, any one?


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