Help…when you need it most….

Even the strongest couples need a helping hand after a cancer diagnosis.  When the cancer is metastatic, it becomes a necessity; I speak from experience.

When Leroy and I were going through his colon cancer journey, there really wasn’t one place to find the kind of guidance that is needed when you’re facing a terminal disease.  You need legal help, you need financial information, you need to hear from some one who has already walked the walk.  For some, spiritual discussions calm the soul at a time like this.  Meditation, yoga, tips on nutrition, stress relief and hearing from the oncologists and researchers who are working on break-through treatments bring your journey into focus.

We didn’t have that, but NOW, you do.

The Johns Hopkins Colon Cancer Center is inviting patients living with metastatic colorectal cancer and their partners to a “Couples Retreat” the weekend of October 11-13, 2013. The location is BonSecours Spirituality Center, in Marriottsville, Maryland.  This is offered at no cost to the patient and their partner.

Space is limited, so if this is you, or if you know of a couple traveling this road, please let them know about this retreat.

It is a very special weekend.  I’ve been witness to it’s magical powers of enlightenment.

For more information:

Eden Stotsky-Himelfarb, RN at, or 410-502-3098

Amy Hacker-Prietz, PA-C at or 410 955-6981

Beth Onners, RN at or 410 502-2800

Gina Norton, RN at or 410 614-5948

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