Hooray for science…

It’s been 190 days.

That’s when he heard the “you have cancer” words.  He’s a young, strong, athletic man.  He has a young family and a loving wife and he got the news that his lungs and many other parts of his body had been invaded by cancer 190 days ago.  He was in trouble; deep trouble.

Metastatic disease is hard news to process.  The day before he heard the words, he was moving through life with different goals in mind.

That all changed. Now it was a new game plan.  He and his wife and the entire family went to work to find aggressive doctors who would attack this cancer and use what science had on the table to beat it up and send it packing for as long as possible.

It’s been a tough road with very difficult treatment and he didn’t complain.  By all accounts, he would rise in the morning and do what was needed to push back every day.  He was a genetic match for a new drug that showed some promise for his disease.  He never hesitated, even though this drug could bring on many serious side effects.

Slowly, the scans began to tell a different story.  His body had found a helper in this drug that sent the cancer packing.

It’s been 190 days and today, the oncologist used the word “REMISSION.”

That’s not a word to take lightly.  That’s a word that takes the breath away; causes a heart to skip a beat, and can raise a patient right out of his shoes.

Remission…no active cancer detected.

A day for celebration and a shout out for science.

Hooray for science!!


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