The Pied Piper of the elevator

He was right out of central casting.  From the minute he walked into the elevator after parking in the garage at the cancer center, he was the voice of hope. He was the voice of optimism and good cheer too.

There were three of us standing there when the doors opened and it was his voice that entered the elevator before he did.  “Good luck to all today.”  “Good luck to all.”  “Don’t lose hope, there’s always hope.”  “Stay strong.”

The couple standing with me were clearly heading to an appointment of some sort.  The man had on his mask and he showed the signs that cancer stamps on a body. You could count the strands of hair on his head, his eyes reflected many rounds of treatment and he just looked tired.  His wife had her ‘cancer bag’ with her.  There were the morning papers, magazines she would probably thumb through and a charger that probably went with a “smart” device of some sort.  No question, it would be a full day for them.

The man with the voice also showed the signs of cancer but not the sounds.  No way…he bellowed those messages of hope and strength.  He got what he hoped for in return too.  We all smiled and chuckled and wished him the same good thoughts.

“Don’t worry about me, I’m going to be OK.”

Isn’t that what all Pied Pipers are supposed to say?

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