The best T-shirt

I’ve been walking through many crowded airports and you know how travelers like to wear T-shirts from the places they’ve visited? Hawaiian T’s are plentiful in major hub airports.  I’ve noticed college t-shirts are very big this time of year too.

So there I was at LAX the other day and spotted a t-shirt that stood out over the others. 

“When you live with HOPE, you live differently.”

That’s what it said and it wasn’t until I walked past the person wearing it that I realized it meant even more because this was a person who was clearly in the fight we all know so well.  His skin tone was pale and anything but pink and healthy, his hair was growing back, but showed signs of a chemo battle not that long ago and as he walked with friends or family, his pace was more deliberate than the others. 

But, from my perspective, he had the T-shirt of the day.  No…he had THE T-shirt, period. 

With all the cancer slogans and marketing campaigns out there, this is the message that all cancer patients should wear proudly. 

We all know how hope played a roll in our cancer struggles.  How it kept us moving forward even in our darkest moments. 

And there it was, in a simple sentence, on a T-shirt, moving through the crowds at a busy airport. 



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