Time Shift

I’ve been in constant motion all day.  That’s what happens when I get back from an out of town adventure.  When I was covering news stories around the country, I’d be forced to squeeze every minute of a day off to accomplish what other people do during their lunch breaks, or quick errand runs away from work.  Today was a big catch-up day after being away and add to that a time shift from Pacific Daylight time to Eastern Daylight time and I’m probably somewhere in the middle of the country, body-clock-wise!

And then I thought about a friend of mine who is trying to fit in a half way normal life while living with cancer.

She’s trying to live, work, deal with a family worried about her and friends who want to do everything for her.  She wants to be normal.

Normal in the sense that she wants to work and shop and go to dinner with her friends and at the same time, deal with treatment and scans and doctors.  It’s a hard road.

Thinking back to the days of Leroy and Laurie in cancer world, we tried to do that too.  It was doable, until the cancer moved to places that grounded our normal.

I marvel at everyone who is living in their cancer world with one foot still in the normal world.  I know how hard they are trying NOT to give in to this disease.

Fight the shift out of normal.  Fight it with all your might.  Stay in the normal, if you can…Cancer be damned.

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