So many new normals…

So, how many ‘new normals” do we have to go through before we feel ‘normal’ again?

Sasha wrote that she’s in a new normal after losing John four years ago.  I feel the same way, but for me it’s been five years since Leroy died.  We all have talked about finding our new life after losing our loved one and it is not an easy task.  But when you think about it, what we thought was normal went away after we heard “You have cancer” from the doctor.  We turned into care givers, something we had no training for, but something that we became very good at because we had no choice.  That was a new normal too.  That was ‘new normal’ number one.  And as the months or years rolled on, and we settled into our cancer world lives, with treatments, doctor appointments and curves in the road we never saw coming, we made another ‘new normal’ and tried to incorporate some of our old life into the adjusted life.  ‘New normal’ number two.

Then the worst happened and we lost our loved ones to cancer and “Hello new normal number three.” This one came with whiplash because even though we knew what the word metastatic meant, we always thought our person would rewrite the medical books and live.  At least we thought that in our hearts.

Now, so many of us are a few years down the road and we’ve made a new life for ourselves because what choice do we have?  But it’s different again because that’s what life is, different every time you turn around.

And, I’m about to stop counting ‘new normals’ because I just don’t want to count any more.

Just bring ’em on….


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