Friends are priceless

Friends are priceless when cancer is in the house.

I don’t know what I would have done without the friends who sat with Leroy for hours, reaching into their bag of old stories to remind him of his years in the field, producing award winning shows.  One story would lead to another and then the stories behind the stories would be told followed by endless laughter.  It was the ‘laughing time’ that really made the difference, because nothing could chase cancer out of the room faster than the ‘laughing time.’

And you know, it still works that way today.  There aren’t as many friends any more, but those who stuck with me still provide the strong shoulders when I need them to lean on and when we get together and do our remembering or create new memories, it’s always the ‘laughing time’ that breathes fresh air into my soul.

Cancer’s stain has a way of sticking around, so it’s important to remember how to rub it out.  Good, solid friends mixed with a great big dose of ‘laughing time;’ best stain remover known to man.



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