Feel the trade winds…

The trade winds had an attitude that day.  They were strong and danced across the sand with a purpose.  Even though it’s been five years ago, I remember having to anchor the corners of the beach towel with those size 13 flip flops so the mai tai wouldn’t tip over and the bags of orchid leis had a place to rest before they’d begin their journey floating on the Pacific.

It would be the day I would scatter Leroy’s ashes in his ocean, five years ago today.

Friends wrote messages that I read out loud and the words mixed with the ocean breezes and I just knew he could hear them.  Messages of love and friendship and good-byes mixed with tears.

I’ve returned to that beach every year since with a Mai Tai, a Snickers bar, orchid leis and new messages.  It’s my way of staying connected to that strong spirit.

If you have the opportunity at some point this week, raise a glass, whisper some words or just remember how this community thrived thanks to his guidance.

The trade winds sill carry that strength.


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