Ke Ola Mau

I’m almost six thousand miles away from home and there it is, cancer, reminding me that no where is safe from this beast of a disease.

A beautiful young woman holding onto her boogie board after a morning in the Pacific, enjoying the waves and warm water, was waiting to join her friends.  They were all survivors of cancers, too many to list here.

She looked strong and healthy.  Her battle, for now, is over and she is breathing the clean air of Maui and enjoying life like never before.  She knows her cancer could return tomorrow or in 40 years, and she’s not going to sit around and wait.  She loves the ocean, she jogs the beach, and she uses every minute of the day to live.

She is part of a cancer’s survivor group that decided this is the perfect place for a retreat.  I couldn’t agree with them more…it’s the place I am renewed and refreshed too.  There is magic in the air here.

Ke Ola Mau….Live for today.


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