A Cloudy Heart

The rock pile was building with the incoming tide.

The rocks were glistening in the sun every time the waves would wash over them and there were hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered.

Sea glass…beautiful pieces of glass from sunken bottles and glasses and who knows what else that were now soft around the edges and looking like little jewels in bright daylight.

The Pacific was just waiting to give up her treasures, but it would take some work.  Digging past the bigger stones and dodging the incoming surf are part of the rules of this game with this ocean, but that was fine by me.

I found what I was looking for or maybe it found me.  A milky white piece of glass in the shape of a heart.

I stopped digging after I found it.

The cloudy heart in my hand was a reminder of how my heart felt five years ago, saying a final good-bye to Leroy.

This little glass heart, “Eha Ka Pu’u Wai”, or achy heart, is safely tucked away for now.

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