Living Aloha

Live Aloha.

It’s more than printing on a T-shirt, it’s more than a billboard sign…on this small island in the Pacific it is a way of life for the friends I’ve been lucky enough to share my life with for over 20 years.  On each visit, they open their arms with hugs and words of “Welcome home” after many months apart.

When Leroy and I came to this special place, we would arrive with anticipation of seeing our “second family.”  They have hearts the size of the ocean that surrounds their island.  We laughed together over the many years of special visits and they cried with me when I said my final good-bye’s to Leroy.  They have scattered flower lei’s on his ocean and watched over him with special prayers.

I’m always so sad to leave here, it holds so much of my heart.

But these special friends will take care of what’s important until I can return.

That’s what living Aloha is all about.



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