Lifting, Hawaiian Style

We always talk about lifting in this community.  It is an essential part of healing from a cancer loss.  If we didn’t have one another, we’d stumble and fall, but this community is there to catch and lift when we need it most.

The same happens here on Maui.  My second family, I like to  call them.  It’s always an emotional roller coaster, this journey to remember Leroy, especially on the day I paddle out on his ocean and try to control all the memories that flow over me like the waves of the Pacific.  They are here to catch and lift me on the days that follow that remembrance.

So it was today, when the clouds over the neighboring islands began to roll back as the trade winds began to blow and like a miracle in the sky, a bright, beautiful rainbow appeared.  “Hello Leroy” my friend Lisalani said when she spotted it.

They keep an eye out for rainbows here and connect them to the Big Guy.  A bright, beautiful rainbow is their way to lift and bring a smile to my face.  And I needed it as this journey comes to a close.

Hapai’….Lifting….Hawaiian style.

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