Is it OK to be sad?

I heard from a friend who reads the blog and she said I sounded sad these past weeks.

I told her she was right.

I think when ever I get within a few weeks of the Maui trip I start to think back.   Thinking back is a dangerous trip because as much as I love to think about all the fun Leroy and I had in Maui, I usually end up envisioning that day on the beach when I said my final good-bye’s to him.  But I think each time I’ve done this, I’ve come to understand how important it is to return and rediscover why he asked for this final resting place.

His life meant so much to me.  He left some big foot prints behind and it’s important to me to remember.

Is it OK to be sad? For a little while, I think it is.  As long as I don’t get stuck in the sad  and that it gets replaced with some happy too.


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