An overwhelming day…

The sky is muted gold tonight.  Most of the tallest trees have lost their leaves and stand like skeletons against the back drop of the sunset.  A flock of geese, in perfect V-formation fly overhead and if you listen closely, you’d swear you can hear them singing “Margaritaville” as they make their way South.

It’s getting cold too.

I spent the better part of the day watching faces reacting to words about cancer.  Chemotherapy, radiation, staging tumors and changing lives.  Newcomers to cancer world who are beginning their journey.  These were faces showing signs of fear and no doubt questioning how all of this would play-out for them.

A multi-disciplinary clinic for lung cancer patients and their caregivers.

I know the day was long for them.  I only hope they were able to catch a glimpse of the sunset, or listen for the geese and  put cancer on a shelf for a few minutes.

I know it was an overwhelming day.

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