Ready? Now pass it on..

We think we’re prepared for most things in life once we hit a certain age, but when cancer slides in under the door jam, we find out very quickly just how unprepared we are for major changes in our lives.

We’ve heard things like “We’re only given as much as we can handle” and “Fall seven times, stand up eight.”  There are so many strength and courage quotes and living in cancer world, we hear most of them.

They really don’t help much.

It takes the reality of the battle we’re in to really become prepared.  Cancer comes with surprises; good and not so good.  We grow up quickly with each surprise.  By the time we’ve come through it, we’re ready.  Our experiences have taught us so much, so what do we do with all this readiness?  We pass it on.

Simple as that, we share our knowledge.  There are so many patients and caregivers just walking in the door and believe me, they are not ready.

So it’s time to pass it on.  Give the gift of learning to live with cancer.


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