Hitting the “reset” button..

How do you hit the reset button after losing a loved one to cancer?

I met a woman in her early 70’s over the weekend.  She and her husband were “living life” as she put it, for more than 40 years.  He came down with a cough, she persuaded him to go see his doctor where he was diagnosed with lung cancer and six weeks later he was gone.

Now she’s living, but hardly the life she knew and she says she just feels lost.  Her soul mate, her side kick, her everything is gone, and it happened so fast.

She was trying to describe how her days and nights have changed.  She misses the conversations, she misses his presence, the house is so empty and she finds herself in the kitchen, but with no one to cook for anymore.

She’s trying to stay busy with friends and family but when those gatherings end, she’s right back in that lonely place.

Her parting words to me were “I guess I’ll just keep trying, what else can I do?”

Sometimes the reset button is hard to find.

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