The week that was…

It started early this morning.  Preparation for Thanksgiving has begun and my list is long.

Thanksgiving at this house has always been a happening place.

Leroy and I had pumpkin pie and champagne on the cold cement slab that would become our home, when it was just under construction.  It was just wooden bones that would be walls and windows when we drove out to celebrate this holiday so many years ago.  We’d put our dreams into this house.

We ate pie by flash light and sipped the bubbly and listened to the sound of Thanksgiving night and shivered in the cold.  It was great.

Since that night, our table has been filled with so many friends and family.  So many stories have been told and toasts have been made.  Memories, sweet memories made and  now cherished even more because cancer has taken loved ones from this special table.

Some familiar faces will be here on Thursday and some new faces who will start new traditions.  And there will be toasts….to remember.

You have to remember on Thanksgiving.


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