It has officially begun…the Holiday season is on.  Black Friday began on Thursday night this year, a new tradition that troubles me because I liked thinking that at least two days of the year, (Thanksgiving and Christmas) were set aside to celebrate family and friends and now that seems to be compromised.

The folks who shared laughter and stories at my table had no thoughts of shopping Thursday night.  We raised our glasses and toasted to the fact that we were happy to be together.  We were grateful to be able to share the joys of the holiday and we were missing those who had celebrated at our table  for so many years and now they were gone. Cancer made sure of that.

We remembered them in the telling of Thanksgiving stories from past years, and then we made new memories.

After all the guests had gone and the house was quiet, maybe just a log crackling in the fireplace, I rewound through the night.  I thought about how this Thanksgiving was different.  They are all different now, because I don’t have my partner to share the “rewind” with, so I just imagine what  his reaction would have been to the evening.

The holiday season brings with it some hard days.  This was just the beginning and I’m better prepared to handle it this year.  I get stronger every year and I’m hoping all of us who are living with loss, feel stronger too.

We need to “lift” with a capital L for the next few weeks.

Remember years ago, I asked you all to count, 1…2…3…LIFT?

I’m asking again.


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