This one’s for Wilson….

This one’s for you Wilson.

Wow…you must be the strongest, bravest little guy on the planet.  All that treatment into such a little body and yet you’ve be able to not only fight off your cancer, but you’ve managed to figure out how to put those little legs into gear to start walking.  WAY TO GO!!!

All of us big people who have been through this cancer stuff know what a pain it is.  It upsets your tummy, sometimes makes your hair fall out and just puts a cloud over a sunny day.  But some how it sounds like you’ve figured out how to get by all that nasty stuff and live for today.  In your short time with us, you’ve learned the secret to being Wilson and not Wilson with cancer.

So march on, my friend.  We’re all hoping you get stronger every day and go from walking to running and jumping too.

We’re lifting you, big guy!

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