Counting the days…

It’s just not right that Wilson’s family is counting the days….

They should be counting the days until that little guy wakes up on Christmas morning, runs to the tree and begins to tear open gifts like any other little person who anticipates the joy of Christmas morning.

Far too many children are in pediatric cancer centers fighting a fight that they just aren’t prepared to face.

‘The Washington Post’ ran a story this morning about a five year old who is celebrating his last swallow of cancer meds today after a long hard climb back from a children’s leukemia.  His numbers are good and strong and the doctors carry the hope that he may have been cured of his disease.  The hope is that he will move on from here and be just another happy healthy little boy who will grow-up and have a good life.

His time of counting the days are now over.  His family is looking toward adapting from a cancer household to a normal home.

Wilson, if you can get someone to read these last couple of days of blogs, know that we are in this with you.  We are counting the days and we are lifting with everything we’ve got.  Feel the strength of positive thoughts coming your way.

We are counting the days….

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