Make it Merry….

There is nothing festive about chemo or radiation or any cancer therapy that I can think of and here we are in the midst of the holiday season and the treatment centers are full.  Patients can’t stop treatment just because it’s the time of year for Santa, Menorahs, Christmas trees and decorations.

Cancer doesn’t stop its menacing ways,  just because it’s December.

A friend was telling me that her treatment center tries to bring the holidays into the chemo room by decorating the place and instead of the usual snacks offered to the patients undergoing chemo, Christmas cookies and holiday candies are offered along with the usual treats.  The chemo room has become an extension of the holidays with lights and hand made ornaments.

There’s no taking away the side effects of the drugs.  There’s no taking away the feelings that come with a round of chemo, but at least the surroundings can brighten up even the hardest of therapies.

The chemo nurses, says my friend, have the holiday spirit all year round.  They are caring, considerate, passionate women and men who always put their patients first.  They make it merry no matter what the month.   But it’s nice to know that these surroundings take-on a holiday feeling this time of year too.

Softening up chemo at Christmas sure works for me.



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