Game On…

The drug was cutting edge. A new way to stop the cancer from spreading by way of using genetics and targeted therapy.

The tumor was biopsied, the lab confirmed it was a match for this drug and there was hope in the room.  The kind of hope that we’ve all felt when a plan comes together and the image of cancer cells choking to death by the thousands comes to mind.  Months passed and the cancer had vanished.  Remission is a wonderful word. N-E-D is even better and that’s what this story was all about, until it wasn’t.

A new scan and now evidence that the bad cells are back.  Some how, some way, the cancer found its way around this super drug and found the soil it needed to grow again.

So it’s back to the biopsies and the hope that there will be another super drug in the wings ready to tackle this smarter cancer.

The endless chess game of cancer vs. the researchers working day and night to stay ahead of the intruder.

Game On.

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