We need it now….

They probably used leeches on cancer patients way back when, thinking the blood sucking worms would drink the cancer right out of the blood stream. Can’t you just picture the guys in the white lab coats crowding around the bench theorizing that the leeches could tell the difference between the healthy blood cells and the cancer cells and they wouldn’t dare touch the healthy cells!

Who really knows how cancer research first began: What the first case of cancer meant in terms of finding out what created it in the first place?

I know we’ve come a very long way from that first day, but it gets so frustrating when word comes like the news I got yesterday.  My friend was back to living life, preparing for Christmas with his wife and three little kids and wham! a PET scan, like a whiplash, puts him back to square one and in-search of another targeted therapy that will push back on that nasty, aggressive cancer that found its way into metastasizing around his liver.

It makes me think about Leroy and his colon cancer too.  It wasn’t that many years ago that he fought so hard to live.  Some doctors told him he’d be lucky to live six months, with the mets in his body.  It took his cancer almost three years to win that tug-o-war, and it was a war.  But with the advancements they’ve made in treating colon cancer these past five years, who knows what Leroy’s lifespan would be today?

At least now,  a relapse, a PET scan that lights-up, a big black marker through the letters N-E-D, doesn’t mean these talented doctors can’t do anything for their patients anymore.  Second line treatment can carry a wallop too.

Bigger, better treatment just can’t happen fast enough for me, or even more important for THEM.

We can write about it….but they have to do something about, soon.

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