Eleven letters…

It’s had a place on my wrist for so many years, I hardly know it’s there.

In the winter, it gets pushed up my arm because of all the other bracelets I wear and with the long sleeves and sweaters and coats, it’s really not very visible.

In the summer, it not only stands out, because it’s purple, but it also creates a tan circle around my arm from those wonderful days of sitting in the sunshine.

I remember seeing it for the first time in the salon at Hopkins, at the Kimmel Cancer Center, near the Out Patient waiting room.  The salon has creams, and potions dedicated to helping cancer patients deal with skin issues from various treatments.  It’s also the place where women, who have lost their hair to chemo, go for wigs.  The woman who owns the salon is so gentle and good at suggesting just the right wig.  I’ve seen so many patients walk out of there feeling “whole” again.

This little band of latex, was sitting on a shelf along with coffee mugs and t-shirts and magnets and they all said the same thing.  I remember having one of those “ah-ha” moments when I saw it.  I had to have it.

It captured where I was, in my head and in my heart at the time.  Leroy was in treatment and we were in the thick of our cancer battle.

My little purple band of sentiment: “CANCER SUCKS’

Two words: Amazing how eleven letters put in the right order, mean so much, even now.

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