Time for test drive…

Some one said I was “too practical” today.  We were talking about fancy, expensive cars and how much fun it would be to drive a particular new model.  My friend said I would never have a car like that because I’m too practical.


I don’t want to be “too practical.”

The translation of those two words in my personal dictionary is “too old.”

I’ve never thought of myself as being practical but maybe I’ve changed over the years.  Maybe going through a cancer battle took away the spontaneity that used to be  second nature to me.

When you run for airplanes on a breaking news story for a living, and produce a story for an evening newscast under extreme deadlines, being practical just isn’t a part of your playbook. As a couple, it wouldn’t take much for us to pack a bag on a whim and break away from our schedules,  but fighting cancer, changed all that.  Medical appointments, treatment schedules, clearing calendars to make  different life choices, takes a lot of that impulsive instinct away.

I guess “practical” replaces it when you’re not paying attention.

So, I’m “too practical” now.

There must be test drives in that fancy car….


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