A stage can be a place to dance!!!

A stage is what you make it and no one has to explain that to Suzanne.  She’s a friend and colleague of my sister who has been given a diagnosis of cancer at the worst stage.

She has metastatic disease.

It’s not that she’s ignoring this fact.  On the contrary, she’s doing everything she can to fight her cancer.  She’s doing genetic testing to match her cancer genomes with new, effective drugs being tested in trials  that can help her.  She’s been in treatment and just went in for a very critical PET scan, where she fully expected to get bad news.

Instead of lighting up like a Christmas tree, as PET scans are designed to do around cancer, Suzanne’s tumors have faded to black.  No lights, no action, no nothing!  Her lymph nodes look good and her medical team has suggested she start a maintenance protocol until something in her body changes and the cancer finds a way to challenge her again.   Her doctors can’t really explain the good news and as we all know, that happens, and who cares, as long as what ever the treatment has been, has worked!

So here she is, a “stage 4” cancer patient, but instead of worrying about that designation, Suzanne has decided to “stage” a comeback.  Her stage is designed for dancing.


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