A very special stocking…

The red felt is still soft to the touch.  The cuff around the top of the stocking is still white and that’s saying a lot, considering how many years it’s been hung from house to house and mantle to mantle.  There’s a tiny Christmas tree sewn on with little ornaments decorating it and beading for the tinsel.  Small  pieces of felt with more beads in the shape of bows are placed just so, topping off the presents sitting under the tree.

The best part is the train.  A big black felt engine, with two smaller cars and even more beads that swirl around above the engine mimicking a cloud of smoke.  It’s exactly what a little boy would want on his Christmas stocking.

But I guess a loving grandmother would know that, wouldn’t she?   She made this beautiful stocking for Leroy when he was just a little guy.  It’s got to be more than 50 years old now.

Every year it would take on a lumpy, bumpy shape from all the chocolate truffles stuffed all the way down to its toe….Leroy always went to his stocking first knowing there was nothing better than to start Christmas morning with something chocolate!

It’s hanging at the fireplace this year too.  The usual treats aren’t there anymore, but I still love looking at the stocking and remembering the traditions that are tucked safely  inside.

And did I mention the angel?  She is cut out of pink felt with a gold beaded halo above her wings.  The gold sequined stars surrounding her catch the light and give her a special glow.

It’s a very special stocking.


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