Time to sparkle

They are a part of the season that makes the world brighter.

They come in red, blue, green, white and they give the houses and trees and shrubs a special sparkle.

Holiday lights put fresh faces on neighborhoods.

As I take my walks around the “hood” in the early morning, or late afternoon,  when the Winter sun barely stretches its rays around us, the lights add so much more to the scene.

So many Christmas trees peek through living room windows too.  They reflect decades of family traditions.  Some are covered in all white, twinkling lights, others are multi-colored with tinsel and ornaments that are sure to be family heirlooms.  Traditions, especially this time of year, make the Holidays so special to each one of us.

They tell so many stories of Christmas past and present.  Family albums of holidays spent with loved ones.

For some, the season is not without struggle.   This community knows about struggle and we offer up the lessons we’ve learned along the way.  Lessons that will help lift the weight off your shoulders and allow the days ahead to be cherished and remembered.

Use the lights to show you the way….they sparkle with hope for seasons to come.





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