Sweet Dreams Elwood

My pal Elwood.

I said good-bye to him today in a whisper as soft as the folds on his adorable neck.

Elwood was a neighbor of mine.  He was a Shar Pei and if you’re familiar with that breed of dog, you know them to have fold after fold of loosely wrinkled skin around their necks.  But they are strong and stubborn and not exactly built for speed.  Elwood was the quintessential model of a Shar Pei.

Ellie was golden colored and had a personality that was pure gold.  He was my running partner from time to time and I swear he would smile with every stride he took as we ran around the neighborhood.  His “mom” would stand there in wonder, stunned he could move that fast!

Ellie slowed down as the years and doggie problems that are true to his breed, began to add up and then the tumor started to grow.  Cancer grows in dogs just like it does in humans and the results, even with constant medical care, sadly are often the same too.

Elwood’s “dad” stopped me on the street yesterday to tell me his beloved dog was failing fast.  Fourteen great years of loving this pup was coming to an end.  The tumor had spread beyond any magic available.

Ellie passed away today.  His extended family mourns his loss.

Those wonderful wrinkles laid to rest.  Sweet dreams my pal.

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