Time and Remembering

Losing a dear friend to brain cancer, remembering the birthday of a beloved in December with balloons and perfect words, this time of year brings layers of sadness because it’s “this time of year.”

Mo will always remember her friend Tracey BC, before her cancer battle, before her death from brain cancer this past weekend, my friend Lisa and her two kids, sent balloons into the sky to remember Bruce, a loving husband and great Dad this past weekend too. It’s the only way to mark his birthday now.  He died a few years ago,  after battling leukemia.

I lost a long ago colleague to brain cancer this past weekend too.  He leaves behind a wife and grown kids and a legacy of a great career in environmental reporting and words of strength to anyone who read his blog, after being diagnosed a little less than a year ago.

And out there, on so many streets, in so many homes, there are families forced to remember instead of sharing with their loved ones.  As the year is packed away we need to remember them too.

We need to hope, this next year will be better in so many ways.

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