Resolutions in Cancer World

So many of us think about January and we think about a fresh slate or New Year’s resolutions, that usually include a vow to lose weight, or eat healthier or see more good movies.  Resolutions that come with a chuckle and a half-promise and that is that!

Not if you’re a cancer patient.

Not if your a cancer care giver.

As a patient you think about the year ahead and wonder if you’ll be here to think about the next year after that.  You look at January, not as a beginning, but as a continuation of a battle you’ve been fighting.  If you resolve to do anything, it’s to have the same strength you had yesterday and the hope that you’ll have it again tomorrow to fight this disease and push it back into some dark place and keep it there.

As a care giver, you pray for strength.  You resolve to keep the strength you have and promise your loved one that you will gladly share that strength in this fight.

HOPE and STRENGTH are big players in the fight against cancer.  They don’t get a mention in early January and are forgotten after that….They are every day resolutions in this place we call cancer world.

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